The Little Lion


So you've decided on a cat? This is awesome! Now for the next step ...

the Adoption Application! Please click 'more' and answer the following questions. 

  • Found Animals microchip and free registrastion​

  • Spay/Nueter 

  • ​Any other necessary medical treatment​​

Adoption Requirements:

Adoption Fee Details:

​Our adoption fee provides the following for your new kitty:

  • ​Three vaccines, flea treatment, and de-worming
  • Kittens adopted in pairs, unless you already own a young, playful cat. 
  • ​Home must allow cats
  • ​NEVER declaw kitty
  • ​Lifetime commitment
  • Provide emergency contact for cat.
  • Send updated information if changed.

Adoption Fees:

​Adoption Application:

Available Little Lions! 

So you're looking a new cat or kitten? ​Find the new furry love of your life here! Please look at our available kitties below. Once you've selected the cat you are interested in, please fill out an adoption application. Be sure to provide current contact information and our adoption coordinator will get in touch to set up a meet and greet! 

  • ​Adult cat ​​7 years +: $100
  • ​Cat or kitten < 7 years: $125
  • Two cats < 7 years: $200

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