Because every cat deserves to roar.

The Little Lion Foundation

So, you've decided you want to adopt a Little Lion? HECK YEAH! We are honored you have chosen one of our kitties to make your house a home.

In order to be considered as an adopter of a Little Lion cat, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • Have permission to own a pet where you are residing. 
  • Be able and willing to spend time and money for the care of your new family member, which includes medical treatment and proper care. 
  • Make a charitable donation of $125. This donation helps us pay for spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchip, FELV/FIV testing, deworming, and flea treatment of your new kitty.
  • Be willing to allow a Little Lion team member or volunteer conduct a home visit.


The best things in life are

All questions must have an answer or application will not submit. 

We reserve the right to refuse service . 

Adoption Fees: 

Adult cat 7 years + :


Single cat or kitten: < 7 years:


​Two cats or kittens:


Adoption Requirements

  • Kittens under 6 months are to be adopted in pairs, unless you already own a young, playful cat. ​
  • ​Home must allow cats
  • ​This is a lifetime commitment
  • Provide emergency contact for cat.
  • Send updated information if changed.