The Little Lion


Rescue is hard and none of this would be possible without the help of our animal loving friends. It is a team effort and every single single person can play a part at saving these precious lives.

There are so many ways that you can help cats and kittens in your community. Even if you don't believe you, one person, can make a difference in comparison to the amount of animals in need, you can!

No one ever said you had to do everything, but no matter who you are, there is some way for you to help! Here are a few of those ways: 

  • Adopt - ​Adopting an animal from your local shelter or rescue will not only allow you to add a new furry family member, but it opens up space for new animals to be saved. Adoption is the goal for every rescue, so please consider adopting. 

  • ​Foster - Fostering an animal allows us to save more of them. The most difficult part in rescue is finding enough foster homes for the amount of animals that are found. The great thing about fostering kittens is that you get to watch them grow and help groom them for their perfect forever family. We are always looking for new foster homes, so if you are interested in becoming one of our foster parents, please send us a Foster Application. 

  • Sponsor - ​You can sponsor one of our cats for just $40 a month. This will keep the baby of your choice stocked in good food and litter for an entire month. AND you'll get weekly updates and pictures if you choose to sponsor one of our kitties! 

  • Donate - There isn't a rescue out there that can operate and save kitties without the donations we get from you, the public. Your donations will get our cats everything they need. Combo test, vaccinations, microchip, spay/neuter, and any other medical care they may need. On average, it costs between $200 and $250 for full basic vetting for one cat. To donate, go to our PayPal account at or provide emergency funding by clicking on the page 'Emergency Fund' on the home page. 

  • Share - Can't do any of the things above? No problem! You can still help out by simply sharing our posts. When posting for fundraising, spreading the word is key to raising the amount needed. You don't have to give anything but 30 seconds of your time. Every share means more and more people are seeing our fundraiser and more people will want to help out. 

  • Educate - Education is the key to making the animal world into something we can all be proud of. So many people are not knowledgable of the risks and dangers of taking a cat to the shelter (no matter what age) and mixing them in with other cats untested. In most shelter the euthanasia rates are extremely high and taking any animal there is a risk to that animal's life. Mixing cats together without them being combo tested can spread diseases, such as FELV, FIV, and Panleukopenia very quickly and can be fatal not only to the new cat, but to all cats in contact with the new one. 

​How You Can Help