Thank you for your generous donations. Being a new rescue, we are still trying to find steady funding to continue saving these precious lives, but with your help, we will be able to save much more lives. Please remember that no amount is too small and every penny makes a difference in a rescued kitten's life. We would not be able to save the tiny guys without our Little Lion Friends and Family! 

Ways To Donate :

  • PayPal - Donating funds via PayPal is such an easy way to help! Although we still use them, we prefer using PayPal donations as they will only take 2.5% of proceeds made, where as GoFundMe and YouCaring accounts will take 10%. This ensures that we are receiving the full amount intended and gives us a way to track our donations. ​You will be taken straight to PayPal by clicking the following donate button: 

  • Donate to our Emergency Fund - We have quickly become known for taking on cases that no one else will take...most of the time they are medical emergencies. We can not stand by as a cat or kitten suffers, so we have created a GoFundMe campaign to have an emergency fund ready for when a life or death situation comes around and we are not prepared due to cost. We will never lower our quality of care, so we must ask for help. Kitten season is just around the corner, so there will be lots of injured or crashing kitten emergencies coming soon! Please help us to save these precious lives by clicking the following button: ​​
  • Amazon Smile - One very simple way to donate to The Little Lion Foundation is to shop through Amazon Smile! While shopping, simply select us as your charity of choice. Amazon will make a small donation to us for every time you purchase items at
  • Ship items directly - Apart from medical bills, our Pride requires lots of daily supplies, which can become costly. Each foster home must be stocked in food, litter, potty pads, blankets, litter boxes, toys, crates, and whatever else the kitties may need. We have created an Amazon Wishlist filled with just these items to make donation easy! Simply purchase any item from our wishlist and it will ship directly to our doorstep. Here is our Amazon Wishlist:

  • Food Drive - Since we mainly focus on neonatal kittens, underaged kittens, and pregnant or nursing moms, we are always in need of nutrient rich food. For bottle babies, we like to use Breeder's Edge Kitten Milk Replacer or KMR. For weaning and under aged kittens, we use Royal Canin Babycat formula canned food and Nulo Freestyle Turkey and Duck Recipe dry food. For our moms and older kittens, our favorite food to use is Nulo Freestyle Turkey and Duck Recipe dry food and Nulo Chicken and Turkey canned food. Food donations can be sent through mail, left for us to pickup at any of our adoption locations (please find addresses on our 'Contact Us' page), or brought to one of our adoption events. Whatever works for you! 
  • Direct donation to our vet - As of now, we have two veterinary hospitals that we use for our Pride. Primary Care Animal Hospital and Ambassador Dog and Cat Hospital both located in Long Beach, CA. If you prefer making a direct donation to our vet, you can do so at Ambassador by simply calling 562) 427-2889. Be sure to tell the tech that it for The Little Lion Foundation. Donation can be made over the phone at Primary Care as long as we have called in advance to let them know. If you want to make a donation through Primary Care, please contact us to let us know so we can arrange it! 


The Little Lion Foundation's main focus is to raise orphaned kittens that would otherwise be euthanized at local shelters. This is because, although there are many other cat/kitten rescues, not too many people know how to care for such fragile babies. 

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization, which means that we rely solely on donations from our community to get our cats the medical care they need. Want to help? 

 The Little Lion