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The Little Lion Foundation

Orphaned Newborn Kittens


Fostering is one of the most fun, rewarding, and most effective way to help us save the lives of our feline friends in our local animal shelters. 

It doesn't matter if your home is tiny or massive or if you live alone or have animals of your own, you can still become a foster parent and save lives! There are so many animals that need us and would otherwise be killed..

That's why we are ALWAYS looking for new fosters! Having foster families signed up early, and before an urgent situation has come to light, is the key to saving as many lives as we possibly can. Sometimes we are given a few days to get a kitten out of the shelter and other times, we are given less than an hour. We always try to have fosters on hand, ready and waiting, so that we can jump into action to save a life when whenever we are needed. 

So, now that you've decided you're going to start fostering, how do you know which foster scenario is best for you? Here are the different types of foster commitments we're looking for. 

Nursing/Pregnant Moms

Weaned & Up

Hissy Kittens

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Foster Scenarios