The Little Lion


Foster Care Scenarios:

Fostering kittens is not about keeping them all. It is about getting a cat or kitten ready to move on to their forever homes.

We are not asking you to keep a foster cat or kitten forever. All these babies need is a warm bed, love, and a safe place to crash for a while. 

"Goodbye" IS the goal! 

  • ​Have an extra room or bathroom to quarantine foster cats in.
  • ​Commit to fostering until adoption or cat is able to move into adoption center.
  • ​Have time to spend caring for your foster babies.
  • ​Allow home-check
  • Have access to a vehicle and time to take kittens to vet for check ups, adoption events, and emergency care. 

Here's what you need to know:

  • It saves lives...and it's so rewarding. The best way to save these precious lives is to become a kitten foster care provider. You get to experience their milestones and watch them grow and prepare them for their forever families. 
  • ​It's a commitment. Not all kittens get adopted in a heartbeat. Some take longer than others for multiple reasons. You must be prepared to love them until they find their forever homes or are healthy enough to be moved into an adoption center. 

Saying Goodbye

  • Litters of kittens that require bottle feeding.
  • Litters of kittens eating on their own, but too young for adoption. 
  • ​Pregnant or nursing cats and their kittens.
  • ​Sick kittens who need time and lots of TLC to heal. 

​Foster Requirements:

Foster Care Provider Application

We are always searching for new foster homes so that we can save more kittens from certain death at the shelter.

So, you're thinking of becoming a foster?