Before you bring foster kittens home, you want to make sure you have your supplies. Here is a list of our favorite supplies that we use to give orphaned kittens the most comfortable experience while in our care as well as links taking you to where you can order each product!


What do i feed?


Breeder’s Edge - Feline Milk Replacer
PetAG Powdered KMR

wet & dry foods

Nulo Chicken and Turkey Wet Food (High-quality, grain-free, and high protein wet food perfect for kittens and adults)
Nulo Turkey and Duck Kibble (Small, soft pieces great for little kittens)
Primal Freeze Dried Chicken and Salmon Nuggets (Complete and balanced diet for all life stages. Perfect for adding that extra nutritional boost in sick kittens)
Tiki Cat Variety Pack (Great to spark appetites in sick kittens or as an add-in to your regular food)
Shallow Food Dish (A must have for weaning kittens)

bottles & nipples

PetAG Bottle Kit (Must have for every bottle feeder)
Miracle Nipple Mini (Easiest nipple for kittens to latch!)
3 cc Syringes (For feeding the tiniest newborns)
Blender Bottle (For smooth, clump-free formula and slurry)


L-Lysine Powder (Supports normal respiratory function and eye health)
Solid Gold’s SeaMeal (Supports skin & coat, digestive, and immune system health for all dogs and cats)
MicroFlora Plus (Used for gut health)
Grizzly Salmon Oil (Supports a healthy coat, heart, and immune system)


How do i comfort my kittens?

for comfort

SnuggleSafe Heat Disc (Microwaveable and perfect for on the go)
Snuggle Kitty (Stuffed animal with battery operated heartbeat)
Cat Hammock (To add into their space… everyone loves them!)


Fleece Baby Blanket (Super soft and snuggly)
Microfleece Baby Blanket (For lining their space)
Receiving Blanket (For feeding time)


72 Quart Storage bin (Lined with blankets, these make the perfect space for newborn kittens. Easy to sanitize and you can watch them all day!)
Medium 36” Playpen (For when they are running and playing)
Double Door Folding Crate

on the go bags & carriers

Travel Mesh Tote Handbag (Keep your kittens hidden in this purse-like carrier!)
PetMate Two Door Carrier (Great for transporting bigger kittens or litters)
Expandable Soft Sided Carrier (Perfect for long days out when kittens need more space)
Pet Stroller (Take being a kitten mom to the next level and travel around with a stroller)


keeping them clean

daily cleaning

Water Wipes (For small messes)
Pee Pads (For keeping messy areas a bit cleaner)
Rescue Disinfectant (Non-toxic disinfectant that kills most germs and viruses)

bath time

Charlie Dog (All natural shampoo that’s safe to use on newborns and kills fleas within minutes)
Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (To paralyze fleas or clean up small messes)
Tropiclean Pet Shampoo (Super smell-good shampoo)

litter boxes

Yesterday’s News Paper Litter (Perfect for kittens)
Shallow Litter Box (Every kitten needs one)
Disposable Litter Box (For quick cleaning)
Litter Genie (Quick and easy daily clean up)


Keeping them healthy

daily routine

Digital Grams Scale (Perfect for weighing kittens)
Nail Clippers
Flea Combs
Toothbrush (For comforting and grooming orphans. You can grab one from the 99 cent store!)

to have on hand

Pyrantel (For deworming)
Terramycin Gel (For treating small eye infections)
Unflavored Pedialyte (For combatting dehydration)
FortiFlora (Probiotic for gut health)
HiVite Drops (For anemic kittens)
Nutrical (For malnourished kittens)
Karo Syrup (For quick action in crashing kittens)
Human Baby Food (For sick kittens)
Nebulizer (For kittens with URI)


keeping them happy


Springs (Easy to sanitize and every kitten’s favorite)
Kitten Toys Variety Pack
Crinkle Balls
Rainbow Rope (A must have for kittens)
Collapsable Tunnel

trees & scratchers

Round Scratching Toy
Ultimate Scratching Post
47” Cat Tree
Kitty Kasas (Durable and easy to sanitize)


PetCube Camera (See what your kittens are up to even when you are away!)