Nulo Turkey and Duck Dry Food  (Small, soft pieces great for little kittens)

​Nulo Turkey and Chicken Wet Food  (High-quality, grain-free, and high protein wet food perfect for kittens and adults) 

Primal Freeze Dried Chicken and Salmon Nuggets (Complete and balanced diet for ALL life stages... great for kittens with weak immune systems)

Tiki Cat Variety Pack Wet Food  (Great to spark appetites in sick kittens or as an add-in to the Nulo. We also use this as a special snack which everyone loves)

Shallow Food Dish (Perfect for weaning kittens!)

Fleece Baby Blanket   (Super soft and snuggly! The kitten love these!)

Microfleece Baby Blanket   (To line their enclosure)

Receiving Blankets   (For feeding time!)

SnuggleSafe Heat Disc   (Microwaveable and perfect for on-the-go!)

SnuggleKitty (Stuffed animal with battery operated heartbeat)

Cat Hammock  (To hang in crate.. cats and kittens love it)


Natural Pine Litter  (All natural, non-clumping litter that's easy to clean)

Litter Box  (Every kitten needs one!)

Cat Box Mat   (No more wasting litter from kittens kicking it out of the box!) 

Litter Genie  (For quick and easy cleanup!)


PetAG Bottle Kit     (Must have for every bottle feeder!)

Miracle Nipple Mini  ​  (Seriously, a miracle for newborn kittens)

3cc syringes   (Great for feeding newborn kittens)

Blender Bottle   ( Makes smooth, clump-free formula and slurry!)

Round Scratching Toy  (Essential with kittens)

​Ultimate Scratching Post  (Absolutely amazing scratcher!)

Hoddmimis Cat Tree  (Easy to put together and kittens love it!) 

Katt3 Cat Cube Tree - Set Of 3  (Easy to put together and easy to sanitize between litters.. This is my absolute favorite tree!) 


"What supplies do I need?"

Even the 

L-Lysine Powder  (Supports normal respiratory function and eye health)

​Grizzly Salmon Oil   (Supports a healthy coat, heart, and immune system)

Solid Gold SeaMeal Nutritional Supplement   (Supports skin & coat, digestive, and immune system health for all dogs and cats)

masterpiece .

Digital Gram Scale  ​(For weighing kittens!)

Nail Clippers  

Flea Combs 

Pyrantel  (For treating roundworms and hookworms)

Toothbrush  ​(For comforting kittens and teaching can pick them up from your local dollar store!)



​​Springs  (Easy to sanitize and every kitten loves them!) 

Kitten Toys Variety Pack 

Crinkle Balls  (Every kitten's favorite!)

Rainbow Rope  (A MUST-HAVE for foster kittens) 

Collapsable Tunnel  (Easy to clean and makes kittens go nuts!) 

PetCube Camera  (See what your kittens are up to even while you're away!) 

"How can I keep them healthy?"




​​72 Quart Storage Bin   (Lined with a blanket, these are perfect for newborn kittens... easy to sanitize and you can watch them all day!)

Medium 36" Playpen   (MUST HAVE for when they start running and climbing!) 

​Double Door Folding Metal Crate 


Fragrance Free Baby Wipes ​  (For small messes)

​Puppy Pads  (For keeping messy areas a bit cleaner)

Rescue Disinfectant  (non-toxic disinfectant that kills most germs and viruses...Used in mot shelters to prevent spread of disease)

is a 

"How do I keep them clean?"

Terramycin Cream  (For treating eye infections in small kittens) 

Nebulizer  (For helping to clear up congestion in a sick kitten. This can be a life saver!)

​Earthbath All Natural Grooming Wipes  (For cleaning small messes quickly) 

​Unflavored Pedialyte  (Life saver for dehydrated kittens)

​FortiFlora  (Probiotic for gut health)

​Hi-Vite Drops  (Supplement to help with anemia)

​Nutrical  (To aid in wight gain for malnourished kittens)

​BeechNut Meaty Baby Food  (Great way to give a little extra nutrition or to spark an appetite in sickly kittens)



"What can I do to keep my kitten happy?"



MidWest Comfortable Plush Bed  (Super soft and cuddly...every kitten loves these beds)

Shark Hide Away  (Awesome kitten safe spot) 

Heated Cat Bed  (Our kitties favorite place to cuddle!) 

​Hammock Lounger  (Comfy hammock for kittens to hang out in) 

​Sunny Seat Window Perch  (No difficult instructions, held up by industrial strength suction cups.. every one of our Little Lions love to hang out in the sun!) 


"How can I comfort my kittens?"

"What should I feed my kitten?"

​Catit Senses 2.0 Track  (Customizable and fun!) 

​OurPets Interactive Treat Dispensing Toy
  (Kittens love this!) 

​​OurPets Play-N-Squeak Toy  (Makes bird sounds when they hit it. Every kittens favorite hunting toy!)

OurPets Play-N-Squeak Interactive Cat Toy  (Teach them to hunt!) 

PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser  (Battery operated moving laser that all cats love to chase) 


The Little Lion Foundation

​Charlie Dog ​  (All natural shampoo that kills fleas within minutes and is safe to use on newborns! Found at Pet Food Express)

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid   (To help with fleas or small messes)

Tropiclean Pet Shampoo   (Super smell-good shampoo)



smallest feline


Because every cat deserves to roar.

Primal Raw Chicken Necks  (Kittens go crazy and it's so good for them! You can find them at your local Pet Food Express store) 

PureBites ​Freeze Dried Shrimp Snacks  (Kittens love them) 

Before you bring foster kittens home, you want to make sure you have your supplies. Here is a list of our favorite supplies that we use to give orphaned kittens the most comfortable experience while in our care as well as links taking you to where you can order each product!

Travel Mesh Tote Handbag   ​(Keep kittens hidden with this purse-like carrier bag!)

Petmate Two Door Carrier   (Great when they get bigger!) 

Expandable Soft Sided Carrier   (Perfect for long days in the car and kittens need room to play or have a small litter box)

Pet Stroller