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What it entails

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) plays a very important role in stopping the overpopulation of cats in our neighborhoods. This is a program in which stray, feral cats are caught and taken to be sterilized, vaccinated, and released back to their outdoor homes. TNR helps reduces the amount of cats and kittens euthanized in the shelter system simply for being unadoptable while simultaneously stopping thousands more of these misunderstood felines.

When a cat is living outdoors, unspayed, a single cat has the potential to produce up to 2,905 homeless kittens in a seven year span.

When volunteering to be a TNR Warrior, you will be doing the following:

  • Setting traps and waiting while cats are trapped

  • Picking up and dropping off cats at their spay/neuter appointments

  • Rereleasing cats in the same location

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