• Adoption Events - We hold an adoption event in one of our three adoption locations every weekend, so having dedicated volunteers is so important. To volunteer at an adoption event, you will help set up and break down crates and tables, speak to potential adopters about our kitties, and give our cats lots of love and attention. 
  • Center Cleaning - Another way to help out our Pride is by cleaning our adoption centers. We have two centers to clean, PetCo in Signal Hill and PetSmart in Cerritos, and each one needs to be cleaned daily to ensure our centers stay in tip-top shape! Cleaning is easy! All you have to do is clean litter pans, fill food bowls, make sure for clean water, wipe down surfaces with accel, pass out canned food, and give the kitties love. Easy right? 
  • Transportation - Things happen and sometimes, we need some help transporting our kitties from one place to another. When volunteering for transportation, you may be asked to pick up kitties from foster homes for adoption events, take cats to vet for routine and emergency care, transport cats to spay/neuter appointments. It's easy and if needed, we will provide gas. 
  • Fostering - ​One way to volunteer is to foster! Fostering allows us to save more kitties and get them ready for their forever homes. 

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  • Adoption Events
  • Center Cleaning
  • Transportation
  • Fostering

We work hard to make sure that our kitties get the best care, but unfortunately, we can't do everything on our own. So we are asking for your help! 

​Volunteering is fun and easy! 

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