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The Little Lion Foundation


​Volunteering is a great way to help the kitties even when you are unable to foster or adopt. We are always looking for new, dedicated volunteers to keep our kitties happy, healthy, and social. 

Please note that before setting up official volunteer schedule, you will need to schedule a training with a member of our team. You will learn everything that needs to be done, more about our adoption process, and more. 

Here are some volunteer opportunities that we provide:

Adoption Events

Every weekend, we hold an adoption event at one of our stores and help is always accepted and appreciated. Volunteering at adoption events include the following duties: 

  • Setting up and breaking down event set up such as tables and crates.
  • Keeping crates and litter boxes clean and presentable throughout event.
  • Talking to potential adopters regarding adoptable cats and adoption process.

Cleaning Adoption Centers

Another great volunteer opportunity is at one of our adoption centers. We currently have one PetSmart location in Cerritos.

Adoption center volunteer duties include:

  • Cleaning all kennels and litter boxes
  • Make sure bowls are always filled with fresh food and water
  • Pass out canned food 
  • ​Socialize and play with the kitties. Every single cat or kitten must get time outside of their kennels a minimum of twice a day. 
  • Talk to interested persons looking at our kitties from outside the center regarding adoptable cats and adoption process. 
  • Medicate cats in center and document. (if needed)


Kittens sometimes need a ride too! Transportation is a very important part of saving kittens' lives. Sometimes we are left if very little time to get a kitten somewhere and there is no way to transport them to where they need to be. That's where you come in! And the best part is you get to spend some time with adorable kitties and save a life, but you don't take them home with you! 

Transportation opportunities include: 

  • Drop-offs and pick-ups for spay and neuter appointments
  • Vet appointments
  • From shelter to foster home
  • To and from weekly adoption events

Home Checks

Doing a home check on foster and adoptive parents is a very important step that needs to be done before we place any cats or kittens in their home. With our busy schedules, it is sometimes difficult to make sure every home check gets done in a timely manner. This is where you would be called! We would give you the address to go to and would require you to report back to us. 

Steps for doing a proper home check include:

  • Driving to and from home
  • Checking for any means of outdoor access for the cat(s)
  • Talking to foster or adoptive parent 
  • Taking photos of space
  • ​Report back to us
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